10 June 2009

The Zombie Apocalypse and You!

Being an average citizen of the world, you're probably worried about the inevitable zombie incursion set to begin as soon as zombies become probable. This, of course, could be in five minutes or five decades, but you and many others enjoy the security of being prepared. Preparedness comes in many forms, and there are numerous texts on the subject on surviving when the walking dead rise from their autopsy tables to reclaim the land of the living. This blog serves as not a replacement or amendment of those texts but as another resource for preparation and knowledge. Those books on the subject stand alone in all of their cleverness and knowledge. This blog will simply seek to expand knowledge, pose questions, and lay out the personal opinions and thoughts of the author.

I will strive to update this blog at least once a week with various suggestions and thoughts that I have had as I have read and studied the subject of zombies (studied referring to movies and zombies suddenly appearing in Jane Austen novels).

And so, when the incursion occurs, will you survive?

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